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Dear all,

As many of the participants may be looking for new Phd or Postdoc opportunities, it can be nice for the community to have a thread with easy access to available vacancies in the field of biomaterials.

So, to kick this off, we now have a PhD vacancy on (bio)materials chemistry in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Additionally, in the same group, we will soon be looking for 2 Postdocs ( i) bone marrow and ii) pancreas biology) and 2 more PhD students (background in tissue engineering and biofabrication), so, reach out if interested. For the currently open position, you can find more info here:

Deadline for applications is December 14th.

Looking forward to e-see you all in a few days at WBC!




Dear all,

Are you interested in laser physics, 2-photon polymerization or maybe in biomaterials, bioprinting and tissue engineering? If yes, then have a look!!

We have two exciting job opportunities for postdoc candidates at the TU Wien (Austria) in the group of 3D Printing and Biofabrication of Prof Ovsianikov
( The adds are attached here for more info.
Do not hesitate to contact us the next days!
See you,

Olivier Guillaume

PostDoc_Position_TU_Vienna 1.pdf (115.2 KB) PostDocPosition_TU_Vienna 2.pdf (114.9 KB)

We’re hiring!
The AO Research Institute Davos is looking for a PostDoc to investigate the interaction between immune cells and biomaterials, with the ultimate goal of establishing design principles for biomaterials controlling inflammation for improved bone healing. Previous experience with cell/tissue culture, biopolymers chemical modification, 3D bioprinting, hydrogels will be valued; experience with macrophages and neutrophils is a plus. Strong motivation is essential. For more info please contact me.
Link to the flier of the job ad

We’re hiring!

The AO Research Institute Davos is looking for an Analytical Chemist to work on the development and testing of a local antibiotic delivery system for infection prevention and eradication in trauma and orthopedic surgery. The successful applicant will contribute to developing the final formulation, technical specifications, target product profile, analytical methods for quality control, scale up, and identification of a delivery device. The position is based in Davos Switzerland for a period of 2 years. Strong motivation and background in analytical chemistry, validation of analytical methods, and HPLC are essential. The position may be particularly suitable for candidates interested in both research and industrial aspects of biomedical materials. For more info please contact me.

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