Biomaterials Science Textbook

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My eldest son starts his university journey over the next few weeks - he will be studying for an MEng in Biomedical Engineering studies at Strathclyde University. In the first semester, he will be taking Anatomy and Physiology but he has never studied Biology at A-level.

To help him get started - does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable textbook or online learning platform?


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Hi Nicholas,

Congratulations to your son for starting his BME studies! A useful online learning program I like to use when I need to learn a new topic or refresh my understanding is Khan Academy. Also, the Guyton & Hall textbook is probably the best selling textbook on physiology. Your son’s class may even be using that textbook. It is fairly advanced but the early chapters do cover some of the important biology and (bio)chemistry topics that will be important to understand when studying physiology.

Hi Chase,

Many thanks for the reply and the suggestion of the online teaching platform and textbook. I will pass both on to my son.

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The following website is good to start with learning anatomy;

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Hi Manohar,

Another excellent resource - many thanks for signposting it.

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You’re welcome! Also, apologies for the very late reply. It wasn’t until I’d posted my response that I saw the post was from 3 months ago. Your son is probably getting ready for his final exams at this point! Hopefully, he’s enjoyed his first semester of BME studies :slight_smile: