JoVE Special Issue on Novel Frontiers in Animal Models of Mechanotherapies

On behalf of the JoVE Methods Collection we are extending an invitation to participate in a special themed issue on the topic of “Novel Frontiers in Animal Models of Mechanotherapies". This special Methods Collection will be a comprehensive record of translational and pre-clinical mechanotherapy techniques used to study health and disease in animal models.

Here is the link for abstract submission:

We encourage submission of abstracts by December 31st. As we understand that it may be difficult to perform new research, this collection does not require novel methods or data and the JoVE team will take care of the entire process of filming and producing your video once distancing restrictions allow.

We are also pleased to announce that the Alliance for Regenerative Rehabilitation Research and Training (AR3T) will provide additional funding support of up to $2,000 towards open access publication costs for each accepted manuscript selected for this special issue.

I am more than happy to discuss any questions you may have and hope to work with you to include your work in this exciting collection.

With warm regards,

Karina Nakayama, PhD (Topic Editor)
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Oregon Health & Science University