Next Big Research Challenge?

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I would be interested in getting a thread going on what Biomaterials researchers think is the biggest research challenge that we need to focus on over the next 10-15 years .

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinions.


Great question! I would think clinical translation of biomaterials research is great area to focus. Most of the research is demonstrated in small to large animals at best.

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Many thanks for joining the conversation. I guess the clinical translation of biomaterials research should always be our ultimate end goal. Is there any particular area of biomaterials research that you think our focus should be directed towards?

The regenerative medicinal application could be of our preference, which can assist in huge public interest towards novel biomaterials? The complexity of each tissue can be attributed to the multicellular organization if the biomaterial can be considered as a support system in the cellular organization and regeneration, that could be a huge benefit for both the public and scientific community?

Is the anatomy of the native tissue could be a starting point or could lead to a possible solution towards designing a biomaterial for the particular application?

There are many publications every day with some incremental research in each area. I think the future generation should be trained to first understand the biology of the organ or tissue being replaced and then start working on the same . A true conversation with clinicians and industry is also needed before they initiate the work. As the manpower and time go waste only on publications of incremental research . We have to makeuse of all the research source towards translational research

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Hi Geetha,

An excellent point that is well made. I think conferences such as WBC2020 represent the perfect platform to have such conversations between academic researchers, clinicians and industry.

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