Special issue on cardiovascular tissue engineering and disease models in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine

On behalf of all topic editors, Drs. Adrian Chester, Laura Iop and Anthal Smits, I am happy to notify you about our upcoming article collection on “Vascular and Valvular Tissue Engineering: Treating and Modeling Vasculopathies and Valvulopathies”, which is now open for submissions. This collection will be published in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, in the specialty section on Heart Valve Disease by Chief Editor Prof. Elena Aikawa.

This article collection will bring together some of the best research and researchers from the community. We welcome review, methods and original research article contributions that advance our understanding of development of tissue engineered heart valves and blood vessels and address the current issues in translating these technologies into clinical practice for the treatment of vasculopathies and valvulopathies. We welcome fundamental science as well as preclinical and clinical studies.

For more information on the scope and submission, check out the web page: https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/17406/vascular-and-valvular-tissue-engineering-treating-and-modeling-vasculopathies-and-valvulopathies